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August 15, 2011

Outsidelands (Part 1 of 3)

Of course I had to do this. I think I did a pretty decent article on Coachella so I guess I am going to try and repeat the magic haha. If you don't want to read it, don't. It's likely going to be pretty personal, pretty explicit and pretty damn long. But if you are coming to read about what bands you saw and whether or not I agree, that's not at all what this about. This is merely my story of the last 3 days and nights of my life and you can deal with that or you cant. I will break it up by the days like I did last time so you guys can skip to certain parts and I will post songs in between so ya'll have some tunes to listen to while you read :) blogs are so damn cool.


If Friday taught me anything, it's that living a rock and roll lifestyle isn't just a day trip. It isn't something you do for a vacation, it isn't something you do because you couldn't think of anything better and it looked fun at the time. Sorry, no. Sometimes you realize how awesome of a power a bunch of people coming together to check out an art form (a revolutionary one at that) and it scares you. It frightened me quite a bit on the first day but it was good for me. You can't have the night without the day, there is no good without evil (so it must be good to be evil sometimes...if you understand this song reference, well done) so I am glad I was able to experience the whole thing instead of just the happy parts. But enough jibber-jabber, essentially it was just cold and gray.

I realize that that is not a very good description and at this point, I'm assuming you're listening to this nasally weak sounding and honestly a bit effeminate voice. This is clap your hands say yeah, they're fucking amazing. Not because of the voice, not because their music s revolutionary or shit, cool. Because it's really not, it's about more than that. It's about a band with a singer who stumbles over the words and mumbles over the words until you reach the crescendo and the entire audience who have just been mumbling along scream "alright" until you realize that we all are. And at that point you are hooked.

SF was cold and rainy but I have never felt as warm and alive as I was at clap your hands say yeah. The roomie and I were waiting for the show to start feeling a bit funky (because that's just kind've what happens at festivals I'm sorry to say ;) but neways we were waiting and I got bored and happened to have balloons in my bag. Now in SF, especially on a day where there is literally no sun and only a small hipster band is playing, people have their guards up. People have to prove that they aren't hipsters and the band with the nasally voice is actually good. Well that's all well and fine until a kid from SD in a gray thermal starts shooting balloons at you while laughing harder than someone should. This fact seems to escape people but blowing balloons up and letting them go is pretty hilarious, they make fart noises and well, fart noises are funny. So needless to say the above band started playing and me, the roomie and the 20 people around us took our shoes off, put our bags in a pile and danced like lunatics in fat circles.

Screaming songs like this ^ because when a kid lets go of a balloon and it makes fart noises you realize just how hilarious life is and just how stupid it is to care about how you look in front of a bunch of strangers. And how heavy metal is just kinda silly in general as when you get a bunch of strangers to dance like silly idiots while screaming you're doing the same damn thing. Although this video doesn't really do the song justice, live the bass is crazy and the singer mumbles when he should and screams when he should. Anyways, it was completely brilliant, but then things started getting a bit rough.

Big Boi apparently was not a Big Boi and didn't show up for his set, roomie and I waited for him to come on but it just didn't happen for an hour. And after walking around it just seemed like Phish was the only band playing (they had a 4+ hour set) and truth be told, I just didn't want to see Phish. I mean I understand Phish, I get it, I get the appeal I get that they are groovy, talented, fun, everything that a lot of people look for in music, it just isn't really what I wanted to see at the time. I was kind've up for some Big Boi and Erykah Badu, something a bit out of my comfort zone, I was up for a surprise so when the stage had issues or whatever I got one. People got upset and in the gray cold people just aren't as friendly. Which when you are feeling funky kind've sucks.

I have problems with conspiracy theories, I don't know why I think that I am special at all, why anyone would go through the effort to abduct me, or kill me or whatever so I don't know why everytime things start going a little south I automatically think that it's a trap. But when you jam a massive amount of people in an old river bed to see the shins who start singing about fish drowning, and the only band that is playing is Phish (god symbol, damn english major) and you happen to be an atheist, you start thinking, well. It could start pouring, people could stampede and well, that would just end poorly. So ya, I freaked out a little bit.

For those who don't know, insanity is a very strange sensation. Everything that's blowing through your mind at a million miles a minute is completely rational but that only manages to freak you out even more. You begin to question rationality itself and you realize that it's just an expectation of events that have happened in the past. But there is still that possibility, that possibility that you will face your mortality. And even though it's small, even though it's only a sliver of a chance you have no rationality to conquer that what if. And honestly that's terrifying.

But that's totally fine because the next day was absolutely mindblowingly incredible. But my parents are pestering me about my getting fired which you can read about on this blog as well, but ya, to be continued...

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