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August 02, 2011

Oh My God

So now that the unpleasant subject of my termination has been vented to death I'd like to start a format or something of a pattern for these blogs. I listen to pretty much all kinds of music but today I would like to talk to you about a pretty punk rock band (woman, singer, artist, person) Ida Maria:

If you haven't heard this song yet then you are completely missing out. The amount of angst and spitting hatred that this woman expels from her body is incredible. With a short 3 minute song Ida Maria rails against the one unmistakeable evil that is responsible for the death of way too many men and women throughout history, and I think you know what I'm talking about. Boredom. Boredom and conformity and spending your life standing in line until you literally just can't take it anymore and until you lash out violently with what you are really passionate about. With Ida Maria it's her voice, with me it's my writing. It's my venting. If you haven't noticed yet through my various social media whoring the only real way I feel better about issues in my life is by screaming them at the infinite empty void of the internet until I feel that at least a few people know where I am coming from. And that's exactly what this song is about, the scream towards the end of it is the perfect cathartic ending to a song where nearly every lyric is so biting and perfect. "You think I'm in control? Oh my god, oh you think it's all for fun" is the damn chorus.

So yes punk rock. I realize that Ida Maria can't really be compared to like Minor Threat or the Circle Jerks or people of that sort but that same sort of emotion is still there. Anti-establishment but more than anti-establishment it's really just anti-bull shit. I mean if you haven't gone to a punk show I would recommend it. I would recommend dressing up in the most badass clothes you have, crafting the perfect punk sneer and then going balls deep into a shouting, screaming match against shitty distorted guitars playing power chords, a guttural yell, and the drum beat that sounds like a machine gun. Skank your balls off in a mosh pit (figuratively of course) wrap your arms around some sweaty complete strangers and shout out the words before pushing them into a mosh pit and laughing as you pick them up off the floor and run cackling in a circle.

For people who don't know punk or hardcore or any music like that. The screaming, yelling style of vocals aren't meant to be pointed at you the listener. Like Ida Maria it's just a scream at the complacent boring people around you that are just going to keep wasting their lives in order to get a few more dollars so they can buy a few more things that they really don't need. These are the people that need to be shouted at and these are the people that have never been nor would ever have interest in going to a punk show. But those are the ones that could benefit the most from it. My favorite punk band right now is Titus Andronicus, a hyper verbose punk band from New Jersey with the lead singer rocking a beard that would give Chuck Norris a hard-on. I saw them at Coachella and being able to scream "YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A LOSER" with a hundred people that I will never see again is something that has really changed my life. It's more than just shitty power chords, its about playing simple songs so your friends can learn the words and shout them back at you so you can send a message to the corporate slave machine that you aren't going to fucking take it anymore. It's about saying what needs to be said in a context that it needs to be said in. I got fired because I brought this mentality to a white collar cubicle type atmosphere. And to be honest maybe it was for the best. But neways if you are interested in Teetus here's a pretty sick song by them, if you can make it til 4 minutes, you will be thankful you did:

There's a right and a wrong. And it's still us against them >:)

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