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July 27, 2011


I feel that the title for this blog needs a bit of explanation and a bit of background so here it goes. My childhood mostly consisted of being shuttered in and closed off from the big bad scary world. I lived in a mostly white middle class suburb in the most boring part of Sacramento (henceforth referred to as Sac because cmon, it's pretty apt) and it wasn't until my friends started turning 16 that I was actually able to go out and experience the world.

A good friend of mine at the time named April Tipton was the first to open my eyes to this new adult world. There are a combination of reasons for this but the main one is that she drove a black 90's volvo and her parents paid for her gas. So essentially we would just go get lost in the "big city" of Sacramento. We would just drive around aimlessly playing all kinds of music, talking about whatever came up, serious or otherwise. No responsibilities, no jobs, no pressure it was all just fun and it was fantastic just to leave reality behind even for just a few hours.

This blog aims to be that same escape. It's just a place where I can vent about what is happening in my life. It's somewhere where I can espouse all of my radical political philosophies and I can shout out the words to every single one of my favorite songs that seem just perfect for my life right now. But hey, it's just you and I, dear reader. We are locked in this unbreakable volvo of a car so if you want to call me out, want to challenge my opinion, call me an asshole do whatever you'd like. Just know that I will respond in kind, we both have nowhere to go, just a whole lot of time to kill. Sometimes we may have to talk about heavy things, life, love, God, politics, relationships but hey I may just want to put a few songs on and talk about some silly times with friends that I love and miss. I guess I just hope that you enjoy the ride.


  1. hahah I know, but for a while there your parents paid for gas we drove around all the time. I remember.